“Economic growth without investment in human development is unsustainable – and unethical”

– Amartya Sen

For much of the last century the most common measurement of people’s wellbeing has been focussed on money, using measures like Gross Domestic Product.

But more and more organisations around the world are now measuring wellbeing in a different way – using data beyond GDP to look at wider social and environmental measures, as well as economic ones.

In our Global Analysis of Wellbeing Report 2017, the Oxford Foundation for Knowledge Exchange considers some of the different ways that wellbeing is being measured. We also look at how these measurements are being used in practice to help shape policy in different countries, and develop the services that people rely on.

By bringing measurement and practice together in one report, we hope that both parts of the overall project to go beyond GDP will benefit.

Our hope is that this report this will encourage other governments and civil society organisations to take up the challenges of wellbeing measurement.